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October 16 - 17 Tishrei 29
Begins: 17.55 Ends: 19.00
Fri pre-Kabbalat Shabbat Zoom 17.00
Earliest Candlelighting 17.55
Sedra Bereishit
Shabbat morning 10.00 Members only

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Thursday 15th October 2020


Shabbat Bereshit Edition


Dear EHC member

This coming Shabbat, we mark the start of our reading of the Torah for the year. I think all of us wish that it would mark the start of us moving forward without the Covid restrictions. But we understand that we have to remain patient for that to happen and adhere to the very strict guidelines that we have been set. Once again, I remind you they are there to ensure our own safety and those of others.

Please see:
or check for the latest in the government updates and guidelines on 

This week our Services, Virtual Services and Sessions are as follows:

1.Today, depending on demand, there will be a ZOOM Shiur / Service at 5.00pm on the insights of this week’s parshah.

2.The pre-Shabbat ZOOM Friday night service will be at 5.00pm.

3.On Shabbat, there will be a service held in the synagogue, starting at 10.00am; and for men, please attempt to arrive punctually to ensure an early minyan.

4.The Rabbi holds his weekly ZOOM Shiur on Tuesday at 5.15pm on the Structure of the Torah

Flu Vaccination:
The Flu Vaccination is now being administered and the Welfare Group remind those eligible of the importance attached to having the vaccination and encourage those to do so. If we can offer assistance to anyone who may find it hard to reach their centre, please do contact a member of the welfare group who will only be too happy to assist.
The flu jab is also available at local chemists as a ‘walk-in’, and arrangements can be made for a house visit to any person housebound.

For Entertainment and interest:
On Sunday the 18th October at 6.00pm, The Board of Deputies’ welcomes you to an online event Hidden Treasures; celebrating Jewish archives in Britain: 

There is the first meeting of The Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society’s (The Lit.) current season this Sunday the 18th October. It will take place on ZOOM at 8.00pm. Full details have been circulated but brief details and registration are to be found on: 

The Honorary Consul to Scotland for Israel, Stanley Lovatt, has sent this through:
“The following is an exceptionally powerful speech from Major Barak Ganot which I would urge you to view and listen to in its entirety.” 
Jewish Music Institute also present an online programme of concerts, lectures and documentaries celebrating Jewish creativity and talent. Please visit 
UK Jewish Film continues with its exciting programme: 

The next Limmud ZOOM evenings are Tuesdays the 20th and 27th October at 7:30pm.
Upcoming sessions will include:

·Reflections on Jewish/Black relations in Britain today with Madge Dresser. 
·Rum Samuels on how we can foster a sense of safety for children and young people toexplore their gender and sexual identities in youth movements and chedarim.
·A focus on the arts - Simon Prais discussing his designs for Birmingham CentralSynagogue, Phil Alexander tells the story of Klezmer Music (with lots of musical examples)and Adrian Harris and David Ian Neville look back on their lives in the entertainmentindustry and forward to their plans for the Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre.
·Learning Jewish texts with Robyn Ashworth-Steen, who will discuss Eve and Lilith asrole models, and Elazar Symon on the Jewish view on smoking, plastic surgery and otherways in which we might choose to damage our bodies.
·Perspectives on disability in the Jewish Community with Jane Ansell; intersectionalityand the Jewish community with Naomi Rowe; the Chassidic community with Izzy Posen.
·Local Jewish history - Harvey Kaplan on finding a safe haven in Scotland, JudySimons on the early days of Sheffield’s Jewish community and John Minkes on recordingthe oral history of the South Wales Jewish Community.
·Ed Horwich and Clive Lawton with sessions focusing on life in small Jewish communities.

Each evening will be featuring a choice of at least three sessions, running in parallel over two time slots:
Registration and info link 

Continued thanks to Arnold Rifkind for his wonderful Arnold Picks

Advance Notice:
Coffee Morning ZOOM meetings will resume on Sunday 25th October at 11.00am with special guest Clive Lawton. Further details to follow.

The following Sunday, the 1st November, the Community Centre Committee will be holding a virtual coffee morning and real cake auction to be conducted online. For further details, please contact Betsy Dorfman or Elaine Levy. Please watch for further details.

And on Sunday the 8th November, in place of the Coffee Morning, we will be having a Remembrance Day Service. The Rabbi is putting the programme together and if you would like to contribute to this important Service, please contact him directly.

For Communal Welfare:
Jewish Care Scotland are providing grants for those in need due to the Covid19 crisis.
For full details, please telephone 0141 620 1800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emergency hardship funding is still available from the Jewish Leadership Council. -

JAMI, the Mental Health Service for the Jewish community nationwide is offering free mental health support. This is where you can have text-based counselling, online peer support, learn of self-help tools and access to a confidential online journal. Please see for more details.

For Shopping:
Mark’s Deli will be in Edinburgh today in the early afternoon and then on Thursday the 29th. October. Please contact them directly to place your order for groceries and ready prepared meals.

Chaim and Sora Jacobs offer the same service and have recently expanded their menu of ready prepared meals from Glasgow for delivery to Edinburgh. A full listing of their menu is to be found on their website or by calling their number.

Morrisons Supermarket provide a next-day doorstep delivery for even one item as a service for elderly and vulnerable customers. Please ring 0345 611 6111 ext.5 where you can speak with a representative who will take your order.

I attach a list of numbers and contacts:

Rabbi David Rose This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hon. Secretary, Jackie Taylor  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mark’s Deli 0141 638 8947
Sora’s Café 0141 638 6116
Jewish Care Scotland 0141 620 1800


The Welfare Group’s mantra that no one should feel alone is as apt now as at the beginning of the crisis. Every week I repeat this sincere wish on behalf us all.
The Welfare Group are in place for the ‘duration’ and remind you of our wish to be of whatever service we can be to assist all our members through this period.

Your, most sincerely,

Edward Green,
Welfare Convenor
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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