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March 6 - 7 Adar 22
Begins: 17.40 Ends: 18.48
Fri pre-Kabbalat Shabbat Zoom 16.45
Earliest Candlelighting 19.00
Sedra Ki-Tisa/Parah
Shabbat morning Zoom 09:00

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Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation


Thursday, 4th March 2021


Dear EHC member,


Another week has gone by and although the feeling of Spring and a new beginning is definitely in the air, we still have restrictions very firmly in place. But we have to have hope that the time until we are once again free to do as we wish will soon be with us; and to keep that firmly in our minds.  In the meantime, we must obey all the guidelines that have been set for us; they are very much for our own good and for the good of others around us.



This week our Virtual Services and Sessions are as follows:



  1. There will be a ZOOM Shiur today on Kashrut at 7.30pm.


  1. On Thursday, there will be a Parshah Shiur at 5.00pm.


  1. Pre-Shabbat ZOOM Friday night service will be at 45pm. Shabbat comes in at 5.40pm.


  1. On Shabbat, there will be a NO service held in the synagogue owing to the current restrictions.


  1. There is a ZOOM Havdalah commencing at 00pm. Shabbat ends at 6.48pm


  1. There will be a ZOOM service on Sunday morning at 9.00am.


  1. Monday, there is a ZOOM Tanach Shiur at 4.00pm organised by Eli Atad. Please contact him directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. There will be a ZOOM Shiur Tuesday on Kuzari at 5.15pm.


Plans are afoot by the Rabbi for a Mock Seder to be held in the lead-up to Seder Night.   Please watch for details over the coming weeks. 



Our “Get-Together” Notices:


Our next Get-Together on ZOOM  will be this Sunday the 7th March at 4.00pm.; we are delighted that Lesley Danzig has agreed to tell us of her year living in Israel when in May 1963 her parents and her made Aliyah as temporary residents.  She was 13 years old at the time and lived in a children's house on Kibbutz Gal Ed with twenty other children her age attending school in the same building.  It was all a very far cry from Glasgow and Queens Park Secondary School!


Two weeks later, we will be delighted to welcome Abraham Roos who will speak on the Haggadah in advance of Pesach



“Matz ado about nothing”


The Welfare Group are planning a ZOOM request programme to take place during Pesach.  The idea is that you will be able to ask for songs to be played on ZOOM together with a message or greeting to others within the community or out-with. We are hoping that family members outside of Edinburgh will also wish to be involved and be part of our

“Family Favourites”

Please do email me directly as soon as possible to indicate your interest if you would like to participate in any way, either by requesting a particular song or sending a message to others.





The Abraham Society Presentations are given bi-weekly on Tuesday and Fridays at 11.15am prompt now enjoy audience numbers over 600!  .  Their objective to offer the all ages of the Jewish community a twice weekly meeting by ZOOM totally free – each presentation features an expert speaker followed by questions with audience numbers.

For further details of future talks, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



And this evening at 6.00pm., The Board of Deputies and BICOM are holding a Special Deputy Briefing:   Israel Election March 2021    


In a special briefing, Senior Vice President Sheila Gewolb will be hosting a discussion with BICOM’s Director Richard Pater, followed by a Q&A.  Richard Pater has 15 years’ experience working alongside government officials, diplomats and journalists regularly briefing British audiences on Israeli politics and security issues. Register in advance here:


Jewish Book Week 2021 continues until the 7th March 
Some hundred speakers will be available to watch live or until the end of March, including David Baddiel, Elif Shafak, Rob Rinder, Rebecca Clifford, Delphine Horvilleur, David Pryce-Jones, Hermione Lee and Oliver Kamm.

For full details please see:



On Sunday at 8.00am, The Zionist Federation are holding a conversation with Merav Michaeli, a Member of the Knesset;  details as follows:





Also on Sunday at 5:00pm, there is a Special Event for Yiddish Song

SCoJeC, Kleznorth and the Yiddish Open Mic Café are delighted to invite you to a "Special Event for Yiddish Song" as part of the Kleznorth weekend. This is a free event focused on Yiddish song, with contributions from Kleznorthians and from some of the regular Yiddish Open Mic Café community. Click here to register.


 “Women Unite” featuring outstanding women from the interfaith community whilst commemorating International Women’s Day. The Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre will describe its unique partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh to biennially honour outstanding Jewish women in medicine, science and health.On Tuesday at 1.00pm, the Edinburgh Interfaith Association presents


These programmes appear live every week on the EIFA Facebook page.  Tune into this programmed at https://www.facebook,com/


Also on Tuesday the Board of Deputies present by ZOOM:  have a number for fascinating talks on their website which can be watched at your leisure.    Later at 7.30pm on Tuesday they present:



Some 25,000 Jews are thought to have been expelled in the aftermath of the 1956 Suez crisis. Jews forced to leave Egypt will share their stories. Introduction by Alec Nacamuli of the Association of Jews from Egypt (UK).



UK Jewish Film continues with its exciting programme available on demand: including the launch of their wonderful new show “Your Honour”



May we also recommend that you tune into a most enjoyable 90 minutes each Wednesday with OYVAY VIDEO broadcast by Clive Aronson from Glasgow.

Clive broadcasts from 11.00am to 12.30pm; next week his programme will be the second of a 2-parter entitled 'Pop Goes To The Movies' when he will be playing some of the most iconic movie theme songs of the last 60 years including many Oscar winners.

I would advise all to tune in to Clive with our friends from Glasgow and further afield; details are as follows:  Password:  esther86



I would also remind our members of the Ben Uri Gallery showcasing Jewish Art.  They are indeed the first full scale Virtual Museum and Research Centre and are to be seen line 24/7 and free.   Please see:



The Jewish Music Institute present an online programme of concerts, lectures and documentaries celebrating Jewish creativity and talent.  For all, visit



And we extend our thanks once again to Arnold Rifkind for all his efforts in compiling Arnold’s Picks each week.


And for all events out-with the Jewish Community in Scotland including ZOOM events, please see



Scottish Government Notices:

For further details on the Virus, please see: 

or check for the latest in the government updates and guidelines on



For Communal Welfare:


Jewish Care Scotland have increased their level of support during this crisis and offer a wealth of services.  They are also providing grants for those in need.

For full details, please telephone 0141 620 1800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please also see the following:



Emergency hardship funding is still available from the Jewish Leadership Council. -


JAMI, the Mental Health Service for the Jewish community nationwide is offering free mental health support.  This is where you can have text-based counselling, online peer support, learn of self-help tools and access to a confidential online journal.  Please see for more details.  You can telephone and request a call-back.


Raphael" is a Jewish counselling service.  They are a network for anyone looking for emotional support within the Jewish Community.



For Shopping:


Home deliveries are still most advisable and we would encourage you to use this service for as much as possible for what you need.   Susie Kelpie has recommended these firms for home deliveries of fresh produce:


Craigies Farm:               0131 319 1048

TasteBack:                             07310 116530

Charles Stamper:              0131 551 3636


Morrisons Supermarket provide an excellent next-day doorstep delivery for even one item as a service for elderly and vulnerable customers.  Please ring 0345 611 6111 ext.5 where you can speak with a representative who will take your order.


The next delivery from Mark’s Deli will be for on Thursday the 18th. March in the early afternoon.  Please place your orders by contacting them directly for groceries and ready prepared meals.  Please also note Richie will now deliver to your car when you are collecting from Salisbury Road.   Please telephone him on arrival.


If you are ordering from Mark’s Deli for Passover and wish support in the delivery of your order, please do contact the Hon. Secretary (as below) and we will be pleased to arrange assistance. 

Please also note that Sainsbury in Cameron Toll have a selection of foodstuffs for Passover.

The Welfare Board are keen to assist in locating any items for your Pesach table that you may not be able to access.  Please do let us know.


Chaim and Sora Jacobs offer an expanded menu of ready prepared meals from Glasgow for delivery to Edinburgh.  A full listing of their menu is to be found on their website or by calling their number.



I attach a list of numbers and contacts:


Rabbi David Rose                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Hon. Secretary, Jackie Taylor                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richie (Caretaker)                                   0131 667 3144


Jewish Care Scotland                              0141 620 1800

Mark’s Deli                                           0141 638 8947  

Sora’s Café                                            0141 638 6116



No one should feel alone!  This remains our mantra throughout this continuing period.  Please see this as genuine concern for all our members and please call upon us if we can be of assistance in any way. 

The Welfare Group of Peter Bennett, John Danzig, Susie Kelpie, Carol Levstein, Harriet Lyall, Hilary Rifkind, Rabbi Rose, Jackie Taylor and myself send our continued best wishes for the week ahead.




Most sincerely,


Edward Green

Welfare Convenor             

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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