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This Week's Shabbat Times

May 21 - 22

Iyar 29
Begins: 21.16 Ends: 22.50
Fri Mincha/Ma'arv None
Candlelighting 21.16
Sedra Bamidbar
Shabbat morning None

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Synagogue Administration


The Shul is run by an annually elected Executive and Board of Management (Board).  The Executive will comprise of a Chairman and Treasurer (elected by the Congregation from the Board), Secretary and 3 Portfolio Conveners (selected from the Board).  The Portfolios consist of Religious Affairs; Buildings; and Community and Welfare.

For a complete overview, see the Laws of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation


Membership is open to all Jews recognised as such by the Office of the Chief Rabbi.  Membership is rewarded by a seat in the Synagogue, and regular mailings (both e-mail and snail-mail) that inform all members of any events planned.

For the year 2014, the Membership contributions are as follows:

Membership Class Annual £/year Monthly £/month 
Husband & Wife 504 42
Single Person 360 30
Country 108 9
Student 24 2

The first 3 classes of membership include any Jewish children whilst they are at School or University.  Country Membership is for those who wish to remain members (and support us), but no longer live in Edinburgh.  Annual payments are made no later than Rosh Hashanah; Monthly payments must be made by regular Standing Order.  In all cases of hardship, a reduced rate can be privately agreed with the Treasurer, so there is never a monetary bar to Membership.

 If you are interested in joining, then please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you will be sent the relevant forms.

Gift Aid

Since we are a registered charity, Charity Number SC016924, we can reclaim tax at Basic Rate paid on all contributions that are covered by a Gift Aid declaration.  This means that members who are able to sign a Gift Aid declaration increase their effective donations by 25%, at no cost to themselves.  Once issued, a Gift Aid declaration applies to all future donations, an can be revoked at any time.

We will be glad to accept all donations, no matter how small, and would be especially pleased if they are Gift Aided.  The Gift Aid Declaration form should be printed off, completed, signed, and returned to The Treasurer.

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Latest Events

Community Welfare Update

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Last Sunday, we had our most successful Coffee Morning ever with over 50 attendees.  The reports were that all who joined it said how much they enjoyed the get-together. We hope that our numbers will continue to grow and that our members will make full use of what is on offer during our continued lockdown. 


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